Bks and then complete it as they read the text. At the end praise every design and motto and explain the class will vote for the best symbol and motto. Tell them how the time is going. I decide the person to speak. Check the answers by getting them to hold up their books and point to the right person. If you do this, review the words at the beginning of Lesson 3. A lot of important meetings are held there.

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Then play the tape a third time, line by line. Introduce the negative by looking at the example.

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After that you must do ex. All schools in Uzbekistan have a school uniform. Head of State, Queen, rule, power. PP open their books and read the interviews. Говорение связано с прошлыми уроками, так как дети должны продолжить использовать в речи прошедшее время. Do I like the trip on the Silk Road?

мои первые поурочные планы.7 класс Аяпова

Then ask PP to write the numbers in their Ex. I think hiking with friendly companions is wonderful. Карточки для отработки фонетического материала. My village is very famous. They are extremely helpful as PP will see in 2b. With weaker classes you could let PP prepare their answers in pairs in their Ex. Учитель рассказывает о некоторых известных местах в Лондоне, используя материал на стр.


When they all find their place check if everyone is in the right place by asking each P to say in a chain: Then let PP begin activity 1, reading silently and finding ideas they agree with.


Дети выполняли задание письменно, поэтому учителю необходимо собрать тетради для домашних работ на проверку. They can do it either in English or in their mother ангглийскому. PP continue to work in their pairs and try to interpret some other flags. I love writing poems and playing computer games and reading comics, of course. After some time elicit answers by asking PP the questions. Thanks, sit down, please!

Поурочные планы для 7 класса по УМК Т.Аяповой

Draw PP attention to the examples in the Remember box and then do the exercise. They do not need to write sentences, only numbers ангдийскому words. Устную отработку слов следует предварить отработкой гласных звуков, которые встречаются в упражнении 1. Повышение эффективности овладения учащимися грамматическими The first question is about a definite time in the past — during school time which is over now so the Simple Past is used.


Тренировать у учащихся правильную артикуляцию и владение речевой интонацией. Формирование культуры и навыков безопасного поведения у обучающихся, педагогов и родителей как поурочныр обеспечения комплексной безопасности образовательной организации. Groups who work fast may be able to do several sheets of questions. The torch began its journey here from Greece in May. Then they should answer the questions. The theme of our lesson is Traditional food.

Write six sentences about what you are going to do before your next.